Perfect gift for Parents, Grandparents, Family and Friends.

We print yours or childrens handprints onto to a mug,

Typed gift messaage can be printed onto reverse side too. 


You will need:
- White A5 Piece of paper Landscape (Half an A4) 

- Paint (if using with Children, Babies or Animals please make sure it is safe) 


What to do: (See our instagram highlight for video tutorial)

- Print your handprint(s) onto your piece of paper. 

- Add any additional text or illustrations you would like showing on the glass


How to submit image:

Option 1. Scan image & email to

Please note on the email your full name and order number. 

Please do not take a photograph on the image as it will be poor quality. 

Option 2. Post Illustration to: Pretty Little Things, 66 Market Street, New Mills SK22 4AA. 
With a seperate note of your name and order number. 
I reccomend posting with a card to prevent bending and do not fold the paper. (If local you can hand deliver) 


No stickers, Glitter or Liscenced images

(Eg. Pepper Pig, Harry Potter, Disney, etc.) 







Handprint - Mugs